Network outputs

Individual report to submitting centre (for research use only!)

        • Results of Staphylococcus aureus culture (positive/negative)
        • Results of mecA PCR
        • Results of PVL PCR

Abstracts, presentations, congresses

        • ISSSI presentation Lyon 2012
        • TropNet workshops Prague 2012, Hamburg 2014, Antwerp 2017
        • ECCMID Barcelona 2014 & Vienna 2017


Key findings that evolved from the StaphTrav collaboration are

Panton-Valentine leukocidine (PVL)

        • PVL is common in S. aureus imported from the tropics and subtropics (Zanger, CID 2012)
        • PVL greatly increases the risk of recurrence and hospital admission in S.  aureus-positive, travel-associated SSTIs (Nurjadi, CMI 2015)
        • PVL predicts multi-resistance in imported S. aureus (Nurjadi, CIM 2015)
        • PVL predicts resistance to TMP/SMZ in S. aureus (Zanger, CID 2012)

MRSA imported by intercontinental travel

        • MRSA USA300 is the most commonly imported CA-MRSA clone and frequently acquired in Latin-America (poster, ESCMID Vienna 2017)

Antimicrobial resistance in S. aureus causing travel-related SSTI

        • Multi-resistance is more common in isolates imported from South- and Southeast Asia (Nurjadi, CMI 2015)
        • TMP/SMZ resistance in imported S. aureus is predominantly mediated by resistance gene dfrG (Nurjadi JAC 2014, Nurjadi, CMI 2015)
        • Patterns of multi-resistance among imported aureus vary greatly by geographic exposure (Nurjadi, CMI 2015)



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