Has USA300 finally arrived at hospitals in Europe?

USA300 MRSA infections has been sporadically detected in Europe. Genetic analysis revealed that the most probable source of infections with USA300 clones were multiple introductions due to importation (1, 2).  In line with these findings, our network found that USA300 MRSA clones were indeed the most commonly imported MRSA to the European Continent (3).

Even though the wide-spread of these particularly virulent MRSA clones was deemed unlikely, we recently detected the first in-hospital transmission of the pandemic MRSA clone, USA300 Latin-American variant in a neonatal ward at a German hospital (4). The index case had no travel history to either North America or South America, where the USA300 / USA300-LV MRSA clones are endemic.

Although nosocomial transmission of pandemic MRSA clones rarely occurs, these clones might already circulate in our community and are waiting for the right time to strike and invade European hospitals. The spread and introduction of USA300 and USA300-LV should be closely monitored to prevent outbreak situations similar to those observed in North and South America. Presented by Dennis Nurjadi


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Journal of Infectious Diseases 213:1370-9

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(3) Nurjadi D, Zanger P for the StaphTrav Network (2017)
USA300 and its variants are the most commonly imported methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus to Europe.
Poster presentation, ECCMID, Vienna 2017


(4) Nurjadi D, Klein S, Zimmermann S, Heeg K, Zanger P (2017)
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Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology (epub ahead of print)


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